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Every person has an equal right to be healthy but Colorado's most vulnerable populations do not have the legal services they need to address many sources of their health and health care problems. 

MLP Colorado's mission is to serve marginalized populations by providing free, quality legal services to our patients in a fully-integrated, coordinated setting.

Unlike other civil legal aid organizations MLP Colorado operates on-site and in coordination with Salud Family Health Center in Commerce City, CO. Under this fully-integrated model, MLP attorneys act as one piece of the care team alongside services like primary care, behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, and care management. 



Currently MLP Colorado is the only active on-site medical legal partnership in Colorado.  Since March 2015, MLP Colorado has screened more than 1,300 cases and is currently representing approximately 200 individuals who would otherwise have no access to legal representation.  We need your help to keep this program going! This legal assistance is critical to ensuring that families have adequate food and shelter, children have access to appropriate education, and women, children and the elderly are protected from violence.

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