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What We Do


MLP CO works to train health care, legal, and public health professionals in an interdisciplinary, integrated clinical system of learning to address the social determinants of poor health and disparities.


MLP CO provides direct legal services to patients of Salud Family Health Centers that have unmet legal needs that impede good health. 


MLP CO is working to provide social science research and data that supports innovation in developing population-based, health care delivery systems focused on prevention and wellness among Colorado's underserved populations. 


MLP CO strives to provide qualitative and quantitative information to promote the development of public policy that advances health equity. 

The Need

Doctors and other health-care providers have long recognized that social determinants, such as income level, educational attainment, and legal status play a major role in the health and well-being of their patients. In fact, research shows that 60% of a person's health is determined by such social factors (The American Healthcare Paradox (2015) by Elizabeth Bradley and Lauren Taylor.) 

MLP CO operates to address these social factors in an integrated setting, allowing health-care providers and attorneys to work together in solving their patients' legal needs. 

Who We Serve

Vulnerable members of our community need protection through legal aid. MLP-CO represents patients from Salud Family Health Centers. Salud is a community health center serving the most marginalized among us. Patients at Salud are treated by an integrated team that includes medical, behavioral health and dental providers, pharmacists and care managers.  


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